mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Cardinal's Guards & King's Musketeers cassocks

Casaques des gardes du cardinal et des mousquetaires du roi.
Même si ces casaques sont plus connues, je me dois de les évoquer pour clôturer cette série d'articles.

Even if these cassocks are well known, i must close this series of posts with those of the cardinal guards & king's musketeers.

The cardinal's guards from a contempory painting (the surrender of Montauban, in the Versailles castle, french school).

The king's musqueteers from "Le Roy Soleil" by G. Toulouse. Illustration by Maurice Leloir (beginning of XXth century).

The Father Gabriel Daniel recounts Puysegur’s version of the creation of the King's musketeers : “After this (the storming of Montpellier in 1622), the king marched straight to Avignon and during his march he removed the carbines from the Carabins company, and gave them muskets, and gave command of the company, which had no leader after the death of the captain, to de Montelet, the grade of Lieutenant to de la Vergne and the Cornette to de Montalet, who bore the same name. (…) His majesty asked d’Espernon for six of his Guards to put in the company; he wished - and I can even say that he forced - me to take the cassock of the musketeer (…) His Majesty assured me (…) that he had decided to put only gentlemen in this company, which he would find among his Guards, as well as a few soldiers of fortune; but that he did not wish to take any who had not served, desiring after they had served a time in the company, to remove them and disperse them in the “vieux” and “petit” regiments, and even give them ensigns and lieutenancies in the guards (…).
(From French Armies of the Thirty Years War, LRT Editions.)

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